Luxbodi Baldivis


My name is Vonita, and I consider it a humbling privilege to be a part of the Luxbodi Team. Prior to becoming the owner of Luxbodi Baldivis WA, I spent eight years working in the mining industry while also pursuing lash extensions as a side venture.

As a mother to five wonderful children, I experienced a challenging period of insecurity about my body after giving birth to my youngest. It took a toll on my mental well-being, and I found myself struggling with self-love. Despite attempting my usual exercise routines and dieting, which had previously helped me regain my shape, I felt the need for dedicated self-care to rediscover my self-worth.

I embarked on a journey of exploration, seeking alternatives to address my body concerns. I even considered weight loss surgery in my quest to shed weight and reshape my body. Feeling desperate, I delved deep into research on various body contouring techniques. Unfortunately, my initial encounter with a clinic offering such services left me dissatisfied with their poor results and service, despite their exorbitant prices.

Motivated to find a better solution, I began searching for vacuum therapy training and discovered that Luxbodi was the leading provider in this field. I contemplated whether to fly to the Gold Coast to acquire the necessary skills and purchase a machine to administer the treatments on myself. I knew from my research that body contouring techniques could be effective, but my previous disappointing experience highlighted the importance of superior service, knowledge, and affordability.

During my visit to the Gold Coast, I had the pleasure of meeting Mel, who not only trained me but also imparted invaluable knowledge and inspiration. Her expertise and extensive experience in the realm of body contouring gave me the confidence to provide the results you desire using the finest machines and top-notch service in the industry.

As one of the few new owners of a well-operated franchise, I am committed to furthering my expertise by pursuing additional certified training. I am excited about expanding my services in the near future, allowing me to cater to a broader range of client needs.

Thank you for considering Luxbodi, and I am eager to embark on this journey with you, helping you achieve the body you desire and deserve.

Warm regards, Vonita