5 Reasons Why Non-Invasive Treatments Are Preferred Over Invasive Treatments

Non-invasive treatments (AKA non-surgical) have become a very popular method of body contouring over the years. Such treatments are used for tightening loose skin, toning muscle to define one’s figure, and removing unwanted excess fat giving people the opportunity to enhance their appearance and subsequently their self-confidence.

When deciding between non-invasive treatments and invasive (surgery) treatments it comes down to what the client hopes to achieve from their treatment experience. Whilst surgery can offer more permanent long-term results, non-invasive treatments are a more natural, safer way to achieve a desired result, allowing clients to enjoy their treatment journey without the burden of financial or physical-body stress. We believe it’s important to understand all of the factors involved before jumping at the chance to go under the knife. Have you considered the non-invasive options first?

Here are 5 reasons why non-invasive treatments are preferred over invasive treatments:

1. No Incisions or Scarring

The biggest advantage of non-invasive treatments compared to surgical treatments is that no incisions or cutting of the skin is involved during the process. Whilst some surgical incisions may heal well over time, scarring is usually still visible – they never completely disappear. With non-invasive treatments, there is no scarring or bruising involved, and as a consequence non-invasive treatments are regarded as the safer and more practical option for body contouring.

2. No Risk of Infection

It is inevitable that every surgery comes with its own set of risks. The risk of infection in particular is the most common due to several factors that could interfere with an open wound; improper after-care for example or unsterile tools. Since there are no incisions involved with non-invasive treatments, clients are not exposed to these possible risks of infection.

3. No Downtime Needed Post-Treatment

An important part of the decision process when it comes to receiving any treatment is the length of downtime and recovery period needed before returning back to work or normal everyday activities. With non-invasive treatments, there is no downtime needed after treatments. It is possible to continue with your daily activities straight after your session, unlike the days to weeks of recovery time that comes with surgery procedures. This makes it much easier for clients to fit in appointments during their lunch break or spare time without having to take time off work or home life afterwards.

4. Uses the Body’s Natural Resources

Our advanced non-invasive treatments each use a different energy wave device to target the deeper layers of skin from the skin’s surface. These devices work with your body’s natural resources to reduce fat, tighten your skin or tone muscle. Our highly sought after Fat Cavitation treatment for example, breaks down fat cells using ultrasonic waves. These waves cause a disruptive vibration in the deeper layers of skin, breaking apart the fat cells and eliminating them through the lymphatic system. This treatment is the safer alternative to liposuction – the surgical procedure of cutting out fat from under the skin.

5. Lower Costs Compared to Surgery

It’s no secret that surgery is costly. This comes down to the extra costs that are involved with performing the procedure itself, such as the anaesthesia, hospital & theatre fees, as well as the nightly cost of a post-surgery recovery room if needed. Costs of a liposuction surgery as an example can range anywhere between $3,000 – $6,000 on average for one treatment area. For that reason, non-invasive treatments are becoming increasingly more desirable as there are no extra fees involved, making these treatments affordable for clients to receive. Non-invasive treatments are billed per session and can vary from $150 – $1,000 depending on the treatment and the treatment area.

All in all, if you’re considering body contouring treatments, get in contact with our team of Specialists at LuxBodi. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have or help you understand whether non-invasive treatments are for you! After all, our treatment recommendations depend on your personal goals and your areas of concern. Let’s get you started!

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